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Hearing Aids at Cathers Hearing

Cathers Hearing is proud to be a family owned practice. Before our practice was owned by Bill and Mary, Terry and June focused on ReSound manufacturing. ReSound offers cutting-edge technology that we love to work with along with excellent customer service for our patients.

We are dedicated to providing excellent care through hearing aids. Our patient’s satisfaction and ability to hear better is our priority. At Cathers Hearing, we guarantee we offer the best service in the area.

Hearing aids at Cathers Hearing

Hearing Aid Manufacturers

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Hearing aid technology has seen some impressive advancements in the last few years. The one manufacturer we have been thoroughly impressed with though is ReSound. They have what we believe to be the best programming software available for hearing aids. They also include all the latest updates such as iPhone compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, and other technological advancements. Of course, all of our hearing aids also include the EarQ Secure 4-Year Warranty, the longest warranty in the United States for hearing aids.

Because we only work with one manufacturer, we are highly trained in that hearing aid brand and are experts in how to fit and program them. We regularly attend trainings on ReSound devices so we can stay up-to-date with their new technology in order to better help our patients.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

When we recommend hearing aids we have to consider a few factors. We look at the severity of your hearing loss, the capabilities of the hearing aid, your lifestyle, and your expectations from hearing aids. Although it is important that hearing aids address your specific hearing loss, it is also important that the hearing aid features match your expectations and lifestyle. The more advanced technology the hearing aid has, then the more expensive they will be.

If you don’t need Bluetooth connectivity, or you’re not in loud, demanding environments daily, then you don’t need an expensive, complex hearing aid. Based on the results of your hearing test and the type of listening environments you are in regularly, we will make a recommendation that we believe will be a good fit for you. However, if you don’t like what we recommend, or you’re not ready to commit yet, then we won’t pressure you. We are a zero pressure office here only to serve your needs and to help you hear better.

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Trial Period

We understand hearing aids are an investment. That’s why we offer a four-week trial period on all our hearing aids. This way you can try the hearing aids and if they are not working for you we will accept them back with no questions. It is important though to remember that it can take a while to adjust to hearing aids. When you are first fit with hearing aids we lower your amplification so you’re not overwhelmed with all the sounds you haven’t heard in a while.

The purpose of our four-week trial period is because your auditory nerve and brain need to readjust to processing sounds. Over those four weeks we will gradually adjust your hearing aids to their full amplification. It’s important to remember that your brain and ears need to be retrained over time, it won’t happen overnight. Don’t get frustrated and remember we are here to help you.

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