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Hearing Healthcare Services at Cathers Hearing

Our mission is to provide patients with quality and affordable hearing healthcare in a no pressure environment. We are experienced in the fitting and programming of hearing aids and we want to help you experience a better quality of life through improved hearing.

We offer budget friendly hearing services. Hearing tests are always free and if you purchase hearing aids from us then you’ll receive free cleanings for the life of your hearing aids. Our patient-centered approach is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our Services

At Cathers Hearing, we offer a wide range of services to help you hear your best and to keep your ears healthy.

Hearing test at Cathers Hearing
  • Hearing tests: Our hearing tests are always free. We will test to see what degree of hearing loss you have and will clearly go over your results so you can understand your own hearing health.
  • Hearing aid consultation: We offer hearing aids from ReSound which feature the newest innovative technology. We will go over which types of hearing aids will be best for your hearing loss and lifestyle, as well as what will be within your budget.
  • Hearing aid fittings and programming: We will expertly fit and program your hearing aids so they are custom to your unique hearing needs. When we first program your hearing aids, we won’t start at your full amplification so you can adjust gradually to hearing sounds again.
  • Hearing aid cleanings and repairs: When you purchase hearing aids from us we bundle the price of cleanings and repairs in the cost of your hearing aids, so you won’t ever have to pay for the life of those hearing aids. It is important to bring your hearing aids in regularly to be deep cleaned by a professional so they can continue working their best for you.
  • Hearing aid batteries: We sell affordable packs of hearing aid batteries so you never have to worry about buying them elsewhere.
  • Earwax removal: Earwax can build-up in your ears causing problems with your hearing and even get inside your hearing aids causing damage. We can remove any earwax to keep your ears and hearing aids clean and hearing their best.
  • Mobile service: We want to help patients no matter where they are located. If you can’t come in for an appointment to have your hearing aids serviced, then we’ll come to you! Our mobile service lets us help more people from the convenience of their own home.

Follow-Up Care

If you decide to purchase hearing aids from us, then we would like to see you after 30 days to check in and see how your hearing is doing and how you are adjusting to your new hearing aids. Although it is not necessary for you to come in once a month after you receive hearing aids, we would like to see you that often just to make sure everything is going well. This also allows us to perform regular cleanings, adjustments, and to change the filters on your hearing aids.

If during this time you would like to come into our office to have your hearing aids programmed differently or for a cleaning but you are unable to come in, then we will come to you. Our mobile services allow us to better serve our patients and continue to provide quality care, regardless if they can come into office or not.

CareCredit at Cathers Hearing

Optical Services

Before Bill and Mary Winder acquired the practice from Terry and June, Cathers Hearing was an optical and hearing aid facility. Today we still fill eyeglass prescriptions and sell sunglasses. So when you come for your appointment, don’t be surprised by the many frames in our office.

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